Frequent Asked Questions

Q: How to install Axous?
A: Upload all the files to your server, then visit, and follow the installation guide.

Q: Where is the Administrators' Control Panel?
For security reason, we don't put any link to the Admin's CP in the pages. You must type the url manually.

Q: What is the pronunciation of Axous?
A: [ækʃəːs]

Q: Does Axous support RegNow / Avangate / Plimus and other charging platforms?
A: No. But you can customize your Buy Now link to these order links. When customer clicks Buy Now in Axous, they will be redirected to the link you provided.
You can customize your Buy Now link in Administrators' Control Panel -> Products -> Your Product -> Edit -> Registeration -> Regcode -> Custom URL

Q: What does the problem "connection with" mean?
A: In order to deal with the payment process, a Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) connection between your server and PayPal is required. But, there're 3 common issues will cause the problem:
1. The connection is blocked by the firewall
Solution: Check & edit your firewall rules
2. Your PHP does not support SSL connections
Solution: Install & enable the OpenSSL module in the php.ini
3. Your PHP disabled the allow_url_fopen
Solution: Enable the allow_url_fopen option in the php.ini

Q: I can't find my API Signature on
A: As PayPal changes its user interface time to time, we can not provide a static way to find it. But, you may click this link ( to enter the page directly after your login.

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